Technology at the heart of our concerns

Asset Renovation always wants to use innovative and reliable technologies. Here is an overview of the techniques used:

  • Wood frame under construction or extension
  • Chapes sèches
    In order to correct the flatness of the soil easily and quickly “Atouts rénovation” uses the technique of dry screed covered with particle board or plaster, it allows to regulate the surface but also and especially improves its thermal insulation..
    En étage, cette solution apporte aussi une isolation acoustique du plancher. Outre ces atouts, il faut souligner la propreté du chantier, puisqu’il n’y a pas de mortier à gâcher avec de l’eau (d’où l’appellation de chape « sèche »). À noter enfin, la rapidité des travaux qui autorise la pose d’un revêtement de sol (parquet flottant, revêtement souple ou même carrelage) sans avoir à attendre un séchage quelconque.
  • Multi-layer plumbing
    Compared to copper that is scaled, corrodes, requires increasingly rare skills (welding, brazing), requires time for its implementation, requires a fire permit, requires consumables, etc., the multilayer pipe is inert, easy to handle, does not fear corrosion, is more qualitative than PER, is implemented without risk, and does not require consumables (solder, gas …). In addition, connected by crimping, it saves precious time while offering the assurance of a perfectly sealed connection. Finally, its price remains fixed and is cheaper than copper. That’s why Atouts Renovation equips all its installations in multilayer. It is suitable for all types of heating or sanitary installations, in apparent (renovation), as in recessed (new). The diameters range from 14 x 2 to 110 x 10, making it possible to carry out complete installations from the horizontal sanitary feed to the riser.
  • Starlike epoxy resin Litokol for grouting tiles or mosaics or laying.
    This is an antacid two-component epoxy mortar for laying and grouting ceramic tiles and mosaic from 1 to 15 mm wide. It is very easy to clean compared to conventional grouting mortars, of uniform color, excellent mechanical resistance and very high hygiene. It prevents cracks after hardening and unlike other epoxy mortars its catalyst is neither corrosive nor dangerous to health. It is finally a product with low emission of volatile organic substances (VOC) in conformity with the Class A + in the respect of the French regulation..
  • Floor with a polished concrete effect
    The concrete polished today is a great success with individuals, both in construction and renovation. It is hard to wear and will scratch with difficulty because it has a high strength and flexibility. Its water-repellent qualities allow its installation on all floors of the house, including water features. The other advantage of a waxed concrete floor is its simplicity of maintenance. Simply clean with soapy water or neutral cleaning agent to maintain its original shine. Finally it has the ability to adapt to all interiors, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Warmer than tiles, this coating maintains a pleasant surface temperature thanks to the presence of quartz in its composition. It also adapts perfectly to underfloor heating and does not require changing the installation. michel incorporated this material very early in his projects and uses it more and more for very elegant renderings.
  • Liquid waterproofing with SIKA 400N product
    This is a waterproof coating for balcony and terrace. It is an easy-to-apply monocomponent that can be returned to service in just 24 hours and resistant to water, UV rays, cracks, soiling and can be used on concrete, mortar, tile and old coatings.